Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Learning Lessons

Sometimes its so difficult to avoid feeling hurt, even if what hurt you was a very small incident. See the irony of life - What we love THE most, hurts most, makes us cry the most although that's the only thing/person who can bring us happiness. Huh!!! That's a tough one.

Life sometimes makes us cynical of all things we believed in till we were hurt. For e.g. When one is hurt by love he thinks n re-thinks hundred times before saying "I Love You" to someone else again. He/She doesn't remain sure of himself. He/She stops trusting people.He/She refuses to believe in good luck. All this as a cost of one broken relationship. They say it takes years to build a relation but not even a moment to break it. One shot of distrust and the relation and the people involved all shattered into pieces. We try and mend it and 
another blow. How do we stand up amidst all this?

"A successful person is the one who lays a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him".

Well.....Thats how we stand up. Ever heard of phoenix?? Its amythological bird which is said to be reborn from his ashes. Guess what this represents? Us, Humans. This is how one needs to stand tall. Broken doesn't mean something that cannot be mended. We need to stand up from our own ashes. And grow up to become even more stronger. Never ever regret decisions that you take. Coz good or bad, they taught you the rightmost things you wont have ever learned had you not taken them. Say thanks to God, yes, but say thanks also to those who came and left your life on THE RIGHT TIME. You learnt your lessons from them. Dont hold grudges. They only make you negative. Learn from situations, dont keep cribbing over them. Just remember. You need to learn and teach.

"The greatest of teachers are those who themselves are the best of learners."

Friday, 2 May 2014

Geeta Saar

Well!!!! I donno whats up with this..but I think I always try to channel my energies towards the positive things of life. Let me be real frank here,. I was not even an inch of this a year back. Call it "coming-out-of-adolescence-getting-into-adult" phase of my life. The transition created havoc or probably the havoc gave birth to the transition. I am still not sure which way was it!!!
All u people might be aware of the Geeta Saar; something one might spot in almost every hindu house. Now another question! How many of us really believe in it? Or how many of us really believed it when you read it for the first time? Not many of us, I bet. I DIDN'T.

It starts with,
"Jo hua, acche ke lie hua,
Jo hai vo bhi acche ke lie hai,
Jo hoga vo bhi acche ke lie hoga"

When I read this for the first time I was 8, the age at which I got the first shock of my life. The moment I read this line I asked God, "What good(accha) did you do to us when u took away my Dad?" He didnt reply. One thing I admire about this super-natural, omnipresent and benevolent being is that He doesn't answer any of your queries by words. He answers them through various situations he puts us into. Since I didn't get my answer I refused to believe GEETA-SAAR. But gradually as my life started unveiling itself, I started getting my lessons and they made me believe in the philosophy "Jo Hota Hai Accheke lie hota hai".

The struggles that my Mom went through(and survived) after my Dad are worth lakh flowers(more than that). I got to see a living Goddess. I've honestly never seen a mother doing for a child what my Mom has done for us. I got to learn my lessons from my Goddess. Whatever I am today is just because of her. I wouldn't have been the way I am had my Dad been there. I suppose this is surprising for you people that I can talk positive even for a word as harsh as "death". But when you are left with no options, this is how you need to deal with all calamities no matter how dreadful they are!!

Thats how I started my learning process. I believe strongly that every person in some or the other way has some things in life which we can learn. Every person has his chapters and his lessons, his exams and his results. Why not just forget about ourselves for a while and learn something new from every person we interact with? Imagine how knowlegeable we would eventually become!!!!